Becky tries to help Rhonda escape from Maria and Dana. Kelly reveals he’s done something shocking, and a group of citizens arrive at the church to prepare for a final fight.

See the end of the show notes for spoilery content warnings.

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Cast & Crew


M’Shai Dash as Mamma Cherrie

Marion Toro as Gemma Caldwell

Kim Gasiciel as Rhonda Caldwell

Calvin Joyal as Deputy Andre Pierce

Cass Minter as Kelly

Ivy Le as Dana Griggs

Elena Fernandez Collins as Dr. Maria Torres

Amanda Hufford as Becky Harrison

Jen Zink as Becky’s Mom

Creator & Writer: Tonia Ransom

Director & Executive Producer: Tonia Ransom & Jen Zink

Sound Design: Jen Zink

Music & Theme: Lillian Boyd

Sponsored in part by: Shelley Nash

Afflicted is produced by Ransom Media Productions.


Content Warnings (may contain spoilers)

Gore, violence, medical horror, discussion of death, and dead bodies.